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Henri's Cellar promotion

Henri's Cellar written by Amelie Rose

author of Love Child, Mirror Image, Love's Return and The Duchess' Diary.

The story is about a young business couple defrauded by their own staff while on a buying trip to restock fine French wines, forced to sell up to pay debts, they move to France to start a new life, disaster and adventure awaits them.

Henri's Cellar available at Amazon in e-book format and soft cover. see more details at the web site promoting Indie authors.

Love Child by Amelie Rose

Monday, 16 June 2014

How Effective is Anchor Text-SEO

Recently on

I was trying to get my head around the value of linking text to external and internal URL. Like to get your opinion on this article and ask you will it rank well or .......

To day we have the opportunity to welcome Kathleen Boucher author of A Simple Idea to Empower Kids

 Q.Who are your greatest support – who believes in you?

 My family believes in me but first and foremost “I believe in me.”

 Q.Where do you write from? e.g. Kitchen table? Study? Bedroom? Garden shed?

 When I wrote the book “A Simple Idea to Empower Kids” I was on a baloney in our time-share condo in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Otherwise I work at my desk in my den at home.
 Q.Do you write at set times e.g. morning, afternoon, evening, very early morning?

 I am a shift work who works a rotation of four twelve hour shifts then five days off. Since I sleep on my first day off I work during the next four days.

Q.What motivates you to write?

When I took the course through the School of Online Business run by Mike Klingler and Robyn Linn July 2013 I did not know what I wanted to do. I simply trusted by taking action and joining their entrepreneurial course I would figure it out. I figured it out by asking my subconscious mind “What would make me want to jump out of bed and be passionate and full of energy about my life?” Within two weeks I started dreaming about writing a children’s book to empower them.

 Q.What are the biggest distractions to your writing time?

 Fatigue is the biggest distraction. I work 2 twelve hour days and 2 twelve hour nights and I do not sleep well between my nights. So it takes me a couple of days to adjust.

Q.What part of the world do you live in?

I live in a small town that takes four minutes to drive through. It is called  Inverary is north of Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Kingston is between Montreal and Toronto.

 Q.Are you from there originally?

I am originally from Montreal, Quebec.

 Q.Have you ever suffered from writers’ block?

 I have not suffered from writers’ block. When I started the course with the School of Online Business I was more concerned I did not know what I wanted to do. So when I asked my subconscious the question “What would make me want to jump out of bed full of energy?” I expected an answer.
 Q.How do you overcome it?
 I would ask my subconscious a question before sleep and nine times out of ten I would have the answer in the morning. If not I would keep asking.
 Q.Have you taken any writers’ courses and have they been worthwhile?
 No I have not.
 Q.Have you ever belonged to a writers’ group? And what value did you gain from it?
 Q.Is self-publishing satisfying enough for you or would you prefer to be traditionally published?

 I get a lot of my guidance from dreams. So originally the dream I had was to contact Hay House Publishers. But since I did not have an agent,my coach at the Academny of Coaching Cognition said to contact Balboa Press Publishers. If the book sells 2000 books in a short period of time Hay House will take notice and may pick up the book. I am not sure what that entails exactly.

Q.Have you ever tried to find an agent?

 No I did not try to find an agent. I was referred to a publicist. Kate Bandos at

 Q.What would you expect an agent could do for you that you can’t do for yourself?

I think an agent will know people in the industry who may like the book. This is nothing that a little homework on my part would not uncover.

 Q.Do you think you can make a full-time career being an Indie writer?

Q.How long have you been writing?

 Since I took the course in July 2013. I really like the way it is structured.

Q.What drew you to want to write a book?

I had a dream to write the book “A Simple Idea to Empower Kids.”

Q.From where did you get the idea for this current story?

I asked myself What are three things I can teach kids? What is the most powerful force on Earth? I believe it is the power of love. What do countries go to war over when this is taken away? I believe it is the power of choice. And the third power is the power of belief.

Q.How did you go about developing it?

 Once I knew what I wanted to write about I asked this question. Who is my target audience? I believe it is children around the world but mostly the poorest of the poor. Those children who will never sit in front of a computer or own a book. How do I format the story so they will remember it? In days of old before the general Population carried books tales were told that were repetitious, vivid in the minds of the listeners and ingrained with lessons. This is how the book is formatted.It can be easily memorized.

Q.What is your next project?

I am currently getting “More of a Simple Idea to Empower Kids” illustrated as the gentleman who did my taxes said sequels do better. So I went home and wrote another book! It elaborates more on the law of attraction. Thank you Kathy for taking time to give us all more insights about you.
 To purchase Kathy book on Amazon click HERE 

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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Changing Times

Changing Times

Two years ago I sold my business and retired. I didn't really expect to retire at 66 years old; I had always said I'd keep going until I dropped.However, three things happened to change my mind.

One was realising that we could now do what we had always wanted to do and that was travel around Europe and the Middle East for six months, visiting places like Israel, Italy, Germany, Greece.
Another was renting out our home, which we were uncomfortable leaving empty for such a long period. Our property manager brought along a young couple who had been travelling themselves for the past year and wanted to settle down for a while - as it turned out they were the ideal tenants and after just one meeting we knew instinctively that they were the ones; that we could leave our home with all its contents for them to use and not have to worry. We were right, they never failed us and we felt truly blessed to have them in our home.
Looking down on the harbour of  Santorini Greek island
Thirdly, our contracting business sold within a month so with everything in place, off to Europe we went.

Looking out from the top of Masada Israel
It was a fabulous six months, visiting many exciting and interesting places. For me personally, Israel was the highlight. It was amazing to see places dating back a thousand years to the Crusades; two thousand years to Christ and three thousand years to the birth of Israel.
Jerusalem Israel's Capital
To the modern  day lifestyle with its mixture of the new vibrant city of Tel Aviv and the ancient city of Jerusalem, to the technological advances that have made Israel respected throughout the world. It was truly not a country to miss.
The Austrian Alps
Returning home in the spring of 2012 meant that we were to experience changing times once again. It has ever been mine or my wife's idea to sit around watching TV and waiting for God; we need to be challenged.

My wife was already writing her fourth book under her alias Amelie Rose, and part of our time travelling was so she could research places in France for her latest book and, I believe, the most exciting one to date. It is expected to be released in August.
Her other books, available on Amazon, are - How to Create a Shabby Chic Lifestyle; How to Write Something Interesting; and her fiction novels, Love Child, Mirror Image, and The Duchess' Diary.

For myself, I wanted something completely new, something that would really challenge me so, after a lot of searching, I chose the Internet which, without doubt, is one of the most competitive type of businesses I could have chosen.

I started by making a few web sites, wasting thousands of dollars on mistakes and wrong directions so I then turned to blogging sites, like this one. I was doing well for awhile, raising my position with backlinks and other SEO methods, when for no known reason Google knocked me back by over 20 million places on one blog and over 2 million on another. I felt like giving up. No way would my blogs ever be seen lounging that deep in the mud.

About this time my wife spotted a new website for sale on a auction site. The site was and it was a shopping site, selling cameras and camcorders. I immediately purchased the site and slightly changed things around using the word mypix, to mean my pick and included electronic gadgets to the existing cameras and camcorders.
My Pix logo and banner

I'm a fan of gadgets, I love them as I know so do a lot of other guys of my vintage. Currently, I'm building the site with products, backlinks, and other SEO means and it's starting to look good. I realise it will take time as the site is only a few months old and hopefully Google will not knock me back again. But then these are changing times and you never know what's going to happen next so I'll just keep on doing the things I need to, to make it a successful site

At the same time I'm enjoying building social media positions on Linkedin ,  Facebook profile, Mypix Twitter profile and youtube and writing e-books on subjects near to my heart, like 'How to Cook Healthy Meals in Minutes,' available on Amazon kindle. My favourite hobby is creating tasty healthy recipes and eating foods that will enhance my health, not harm it like so many of the foods we see in our supermarkets today.

More on  that later...

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Money Making Ideas from Home

 Money Making Opportunities
Have you ever thought that you could actually make a living by helping people?
Maybe you are unemployed or have been made redundant from your job; perhaps you are semi-retired, or even fully retired, and finding it difficult to make ends meet with just your savings and super to live on.
And even worse - you are still physically and mentally able but feel like you have been tossed onto the scrap heap; no longer needed by anyone, or useful for anything.

For a once busy, occupied person, these feelings can quickly create a downwards spiral of depression and low self worth. In other words, not only do they make you feel useless and unworthy but, coupled with the fact that you are no longer in a financial position to enjoy many of the activities you once took for granted, it can be a real downer.

In this situation, without a job to go to, many say they feel like a useless accessory, and that is enough to knock a person’s confidence and cause great unhappiness.
In a nutshell - Not only are you jobless (lost and superfluous) but you are also short on cash (pulling the belt in until it hurts).

So what can be done to reverse this unhappy situation?
In many cases of low feelings of self-worth (unless the problem is clinical and needs medical attention) the simple solution is to become involved in some kind of productive activity. This should quickly begin to restore your previous equilibrium and provide a renewed interest in life; and with regards to the reduction in cash flow, a new life could be waiting just around the corner once the life-balance is back in place. It's a lot easier to look forward with enthusiasm and positivity when we feel useful - it's probably the best drug there is - and it's free.

STEP ONE: Get interested in something; join a club, find a hobby, go for long walks in the fresh air, do some charity volunteering, help a neighbor  Whatever it takes to get you off the couch and lift your head from between your knees, do it.

Once you do, reason will quickly reassert itself and you can start thinking more clearly about the solutions to your problems. In fact, there is no better way to help yourself than by helping others.

STEP TWO: Finding ways to earn some extra cash. Natural talent is always a good place to start and if you don't think you have a talent, think again. EVERYONE has something that they do well (better than most) and whatever it is; it is never minor or insignificant or `not as good as that person's.'
`That person’ may be an excellent seamstress or a clever wood-worker, but even they probably feel hopeless when faced with doing things that you do well. Nobody is good at everything so embrace the fact of your own natural talent and start making it work for you.
Take a pen and paper and jot down all the things you are able to do, no matter how insignificant, uninteresting or lacking in importance that you might consider them.

Now let's get to it:
Are you a great home-maker? Do people admire the presentation of your home? Word quickly gets around - a friend is putting their home on the market and wants it presented in the best possible way. You offer to do it for them - the house sells quickly with lots of comments about the beautiful presentation – the grapevine goes to work and before you know it you are providing this service for others, strangers even, and charging a fee.

Do you have an eye for hanging wallpaper with matching patterns (a headache for most of us, even some experts)? I have heard it said how stressful it can be. But you might find it relaxing and, surprise, surprise, there are people out there who would love you to hang their wallpaper. Just stick it on the grapevine and wait for the calls.

Do you have green fingers? Everyone loves a beautiful healthy garden but we are not all landscape magicians. Tidying and planting people’s gardens and making them look gorgeous could be just the thing you are here to do.

What about your prowess in the kitchen? Do you enjoy making your own jams, sauces and chutneys; pickling and bottling fruit and veges? Weekend Farmers Markets are a great place to sell your wares and, for the usually small cost of having a stall, the sales (priced correctly) can be a very good money earner.

Today is the age of the home-made and home-baked. People love that their purchases have been made in someone’s little cottage industry in a labor of love with real ingredients and no preservatives or colorants and whatever else is pumped into the store-bought products. Today we like fresh and `au naturale' and are prepared to pay for it.

In the area where you live, certain services are constantly required by businesses and the general public. These services can include deliveries; shopping for the house-bound; cleaning up back yards; disposing of rubbish; cleaning windows; mowing lawns and trimming edges; gardening; planting and landscaping; painting fences; home handyman jobs for the elderly and not so mobile; car boot sales; garage sales; writing  articles and letters for people; walking people’s dogs while they are at work and so on and on and on.
All of these and many more have the potential to earn you money. So how do you get started putting a small business together?

Let’s put it in some sort of order.
1) You first need a clear idea of where you want to go, how you are going to get there, and what results you want to achieve.

2) Develop a marketing plan. Nothing too complicated, just the basics will do for now. Your plan should include how you propose to get known, i.e. letter drops around your area; flyers to put on car windows; notice boards in the local shops and supermarkets; word of mouth - tell family and friends to tell others; drop flyers in mail boxes; have a portable sign made up and take it to place outside every job; advertise in the local newspaper; have a magnetic sign made up to go on your vehicle or, more expensively, have the vehicle sign-written. Once you sit down and start thinking about your business you will find the ideas flowing in no time i.e. one thought leads to another and so on. Get some business cards made up; if you have a publishing program on your computer you might even like to create them yourself, which will be a lot cheaper.

3) Your formula for success. This should always include providing exceptional service to your customers. Being on time for an appointment and starting a job when you say you will, are critically important to the success of any endeavor  People respect and appreciate reliability and good time-keeping. Get a reputation for it and you will go a long way further than those who don’t.

4) Start out as you mean to go on. Look professional - if you are a painter, put on clean white overalls and use shoes or boots; never jandals or thongs. The image really does count and people appreciate the fact that you have come to their home to do a job looking like a professional. Tidy dress gives the customer confidence and usually reflects itself in the work produced. If you are a great cook and are setting yourself up to do private dinner parties, again you need to look the part; so wear a clean apron and cover your hair with a chef’s hat. Presentation and professionalism start with you and roll over into the work that you produce; make this your rule and your customer will probably recommend you and hire your services again.

5) Know your costs. Work out a suitable hourly rate and never make the mistake of under or over-charging. Be realistic about the rate you need to charge for your service. It’s a simple formula - too low and you will lose money, or at least devalue your time, effort, and productive output; too high and you won’t get the work.

Word quickly gets around either way; so do your sums and charge a fair and reasonable rate and everyone wins.
TIP 1: Never try to fiddle the Inland Revenue Services. If you are in business, start right and things will generally continue well so pay your taxes and have peace-of-mind that nothing is going to come back to bite you.
TIP 2: Save at least 10% for new tools or other materials required for your business and be careful where you buy. Start off with the basic tools; don’t overspend; get yourself into a safe place financially and then indulge in that expensive quality tool that you would love to have.
TIP 3: Open accounts with suppliers to get maximum discounts. If you don’t like end-of-the-month bills, open cash accounts and pay as you go – you should still get the discounts and the supplier will probably love you for it as it’s cash-flow for them.

We all need money to make our world go smoothly round and round. However, be careful not to rush into doing something because it looks easy. The whole idea is to find something you are personally suited to; something you have a knack or a talent for and that you enjoy. Don’t make the mistake so many make by trying to push your square peg into a round hole. It’s not going to work – or at least not for long. You will be miserable and will quickly grow to hate it.

Result analysis: Disinterested worker = poor quality work = unhappy customer = hard to get paid.
It is important that we enjoy what we do; life is too short – so find what you are good at and build on that. The result will always be a better one.
For more ideas, see my eBook on Amazon: How to Find a Hobby and Make Money

Monday, 18 February 2013

Living a Healthy lifestyle

It’s Not Too Late to Change

With age comes a greater concern about our health and wellbeing.
When we were young we did not worry too much what we ate or drank; we lived for the moment in many respects simply because we were young and saw life stretching endlessly before us. As far as we were concerned then, the future could look after itself.

But time ticks away more rapidly with each passing year and, before we know it, we have become older. Unfortunately, by then our body shape has changed to something resembling less of the fleet arrow of our youth and more like the medicine ball we exercised on in school fitness classes.

Statistics tell us that by middle age, say 45 onwards, thousands of our counterparts will be suffering from heart disease; tens of thousands will have some form of cancer; hundreds of thousands will have attracted diabetes; and millions will be overweight and heading towards any or all of the above.

The worst thing is that most of it was because of our own choosing.

When we continue to eat the wrong types of food and drink the wrong drinks, then eventually, with no care or attention to a proper diet, we will pay the price in some way with our health.
Shocking Fact...
Recent studies have revealed that by 2020 over half of the USA’s population will have some form of diabetes and many will have died long before they should have due to this and related problems.

But there is hope -
If we want to avoid a place in that statistic and others like it; if we really want to live long and healthy lives, we need to take action now...

First and foremost -
We must change the way we think about food and the liquids we imbibe. The manufacturers are not concerned about our wellbeing; they are in business to make a profit, not to look after our health. That’s our job.

Secondly -
We are not all athletes, or hard manual workers, or fitness freaks. Therefore the majority of us need to start understanding the facts. The sugar we put into our coffee, the cakes, the cokes, sweets, chocolates, breakfast cereals, tinned fruits, tinned anything (most tinned products contain heaps of sugar); these will all turn to fat without a lot of exercise.
Fast food, starchy potatoes, pastries, white bread, white rice, full cream milk and cream, to name just a tiny number of foods that threaten our health, will not help us to return our bodies to the fit leanness of our youth.
Nasty fact - the manufacturers add excess sugar and salt into their processed foods to capture our taste buds and make us want to come back for more.

Thirdly -
There is a ton of healthy food out there and, combined with herbs and spices and other non-threatening taste additives, our meals can be just as, and even more, tasty than before. Once the other stuff is out of a person’s system, a natural realisation occurs when they discover how much better they feel and what they have been missing out on.

If you have drifted into the habit of eating the wrong foods; processed foods, fast foods, because you are busy, in a hurry, eating on the run; then the advertising companies are going to love you. Their advertising is not developed around how good the food is for you; it’s about the taste and the convenience; it’s generated towards the company’s bottom line how much profit they expect to make from us, the consuming public.

Fortunately the choices of good foods far outnumber the bad ones. The trouble is that it’s a twofold change and one that many of us have trouble sticking to. When we make the decision to reprogram our thinking about the food we eat; change lifetime habits to ones that will create a healthy lifestyle (and hopefully give us more years on Mother Earth); we must also make a commitment to stay away from the bad foods that to date have done us no favours and have put us in the position of needing to make these changes in the first place.

In my book, ‘How to Eat Healthy Foods and Live Longer,’ shortly to be published on Amazon as an e-book; I include a week’s recipe list for breakfast/brunch, lunch and dinner that will provide the beginnings of a healthy diet to not only lose weight and feel better, but also will help to change your thinking and show you how to develop a lifestyle that you can live to without feeling disadvantaged or feel that you are missing out.

Here is a sample of one lunch-time meal:

Recipe No.5
Stuffed Pepper (Capsicum) with Salmon
Prep time: 7 minutes plus boil eggs

Ingredients (Serves 2)

1 large Pepper (Capsicum)
1 egg
1 small tin of red salmon
10 slices of cucumber
14 olives
1 tbsp. Low fat mayonnaise
salt and pepper to taste

Boil eggs for 6 minutes then remove from pot, peel, and mash with mayonnaise.
Add salt and pepper to taste, cut pepper (capsicum) in half and remove seeds.
Fill with mashed egg then sprinkle half a tin of drained salmon on each serve.
Place sliced cucumber and olives on the plate and serve.

A high value meal with lots of protein, vitamins, and minerals; quick and easy with lots of taste. Being on a diet has never been so easy.

For those who already have diabetes, it’s comforting to know that many experts now believe that this condition is reversible in many people..
Some herbs are known to offset diabetes in conjunction with a healthy eating and exercise regime. One effective helper is Cinnamon which helps break down the fats, making the management of blood sugar levels possible. Good news for dieters.

More on herbs in my next article.

Remember always, if you have any concerns about changing your current diet; check with your GP before changing anything.

check out my site for more